March 26, 2015

Aussies deserved Semi finals win over India

Today, 26th March 2015 is a sad day for Indians as the Cricket team lost semi finals match in ICC World Cup 2015. Play took place in Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia (SCG).

CWC 2015 started on 14th February 2015. 10 teams were participating in the tournament. Dominating teams were Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand. These were the teams which was capable to take a place in Semi-finals.

On 24th March 2015, South Africa lost to New Zealand in a nail biting match. New Zealand booked their place in the finals. It was a question "Who will be playing against NZ, is it India or Australia".

Today, SCG was dominated by Indian fans who have come to cheer up for Team India. Unfortunately, toss was won by Australia and they chose to bat first. Losing the toss was the major setback for Indian team. It was like loosing the match itself. However they made up their mind to give their best and defend the World Cup.

Prior to World cup, Indians toured Australia. They had shown very poor performance against Aussies and England. There was no hope that India will perform great in this World Cup. but India had bounced back and topped the B-table and qualified for Quarter finals. They played against Bangladesh in Quarter finals and won against them. India became the first team to dismiss all 70 wickets in 7 matches. The hopes were back and every Indian started dreaming of defending the World Cup and lift it once again.

But after losing the toss, there was slight disturbance in Indian skipper's mind after losing the toss. When play started, David Warner played some terrific shots which made Indians to lose hope. Umesh Yadav cam back stongly by taking his wicket and gave hope to the team. After this wicket, Steve Smith and Aaron Finch played sensibly and put up a partnership of 182 runs which made Indians to worry a lot. After hitting a century, Smith got out but Maxwell came in and played some brilliant shots to add some more runs.There were some contributions from other players as well. Finally Australia managed to put a huge total of 328 runs on board losing 7 wickets.

 India gave a decent start and their intention was not to lose early wickets. Early wickets mean trouble for India. They kept this in mind and played pretty decently. They were not in attacking mode in first 10 overs. After this Shikhar Dhawan started to attack the bowlers and runs started to flow in but it did not last long. Dhawan got out and trouble for India started. Virat Kohli came in and was very defensive. He could not tackle the bowling attack and finally gave up scoring only 1 run in 13 deliveries. Slowly the game started t drift from the hands of India. They started to lose wickets regularly. Finally they were all out scoring only 233 runs. Top scorer was the skipper M S Dhoni who scored 65 runs.

Australia won the Semi-finals against India by 95 runs. Player of the Match was Steve Smith who scored a Century and a made a crucial run-out.

Now Australia will play against New Zealand on 29th March 2015 at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

I will be supporting NZ team to lift the World Cup 2015 as they have never won any World Cup so far. But Australians have the advantage as it will be played in their home ground and they look dominating at home.

Let's wait and watch who will win the World cup this time.

One intersting fact:
In 2011, host teams were in finals - India and Srilanka.
In 2015, host teams are in finals - Australia and New Zealand.

December 25, 2014

11-10=0 Here it goes... :) :D :P

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Currently, India is on tour of Australia. It is a 4 test match series. Out of which 2 matches have already been played and 2 are remaining.

In the first match, Australia won by 48 runs when Virat Kohli had captained India. Second match was captained by MS Dhoni, even then India lost the match by 4 wickets.

From tomorrow, 3rd test match will start and will be played in MCG Melbourne. Hoping that India will atleast draw a match in Australia.

February 13, 2014

SHOCKING!! Was Indian skipper MS Dhoni really involved in IPL Match fixing?

As 8 franchisees are full busy in IPL 7 players auctioning, there's something else that is getting popped out. It is nothing but a shocking news for me which will really be a shameful one for the nation, if found guilty.Yes, its all about the IPL match fixing issue.

The latest sensational news is that a bookie named Kitty @ Utham Jain, who was interrogated has revealed some names who were involved in match fixing on 12th May 2013 where CSK played against RR. The CID report was submitted to Justice Mukul Mudgal on 17th Jan 2014. It says that Indian skipper MS Dhoni a.k.a Mr. KOOL, Suresh Raina, Gurunath Meiyappa and few others were involved in match fixing.

A glimpse of report is shown below. Photo courtesy: India Today

Few days ago, Supreme Court slammed saying that Cricketers have link with Dawood Ibrahim, Chotta Shakeel. The betting organised by these underground dons involve a turnover of  thousands of crores which is definitely being used against our nation itself. This is seriously a national threat.

Subodh Kant Sahai has said that Srinivasan is like Dawood, don't allow him to come back to BCCI.

If MS Dhoni did this, definitely he should be punished severely. Now all we have to do is just wait n watch whether Mr.KOOL will become Mr.HOT or not.

February 8, 2014

Evening Star - Earth: Pics were captured by NASA Mars Rover Curiosity

NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity has taken pictures of our planet Earth and our Moon in evening sky which was 80 minutes after the sunset. Picture is displayed below.

 Image credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS / TAMU
A zoomed picture which shows Earth and our Moon is available in below link which in photo journal,

September 16, 2013

A Trek to Mt. Fuji - Unforgettable

I and one my colleague had been to Mt.Fuji last weekend (Saturday, 14th September 2013). It was really a memorable one, awesome but one of the worst day of my life.

We started from home around 11:30 AM went to Center Kita, bought few accessories which were left out for trekking. From there on we started our travel (train from Center Kita -> Azamino, another train from Azamino  -> Shibuya and final train from Shibuya -> Shinjuku) and reached bus station around 1:50 PM. There we booked Keio bus to Mt. Fuji 5th station and the bus was at 4:50. We had around 3 hours of time, so we did some window shopping, roam around and finally had some food in MCD.

Exactly at  4:50 PM, our bus left. After 1 hour, we entered hilly region and the view was really a good one as the entire hills are densely populated with trees. I was wondering how spectacular it would be if it was snowing :D. After 2:30 hours, we reached Fuji 5th station around 7:25 PM. As soon as we got down, our body could feel the chillness and I wore a sweater to keep myself warm. As it was already night, we were not able to see anything around. All we could see was a inverted cone shaped mountain. We completed our dinner and started our trek at around 7:50PM. Sticks are required to trek and costs 1000Yen for a stick with bell, 1200Yen for stick with Japan flag and 1500Yen for stick with Mt.Fuji route map. We got sticks but we did not buy as we found those sticks lying near the start point (Trekkers who returned should have kept it so that it would help other trekkers).

It was really a cool and breezy night with moon barely seen. We started the trek by taking some snaps.  

As we proceeded we saw a map where it shows 2 routes, One route was closed from September 1st and other one will be opened till October 2nd. So we took the allowed route, but rest of the trekkers took the closed route as it was shorter one. We were the only 2 in this route and went through the forest where no one were there. In that wood, I saw one wooden house which looked similar to the house in Evil Dead, but I was not scared as i knew that there are lots to go to reach the summit.

After a hour of trekking, we reached a point where both the routes met and we were accompanied by other trekkers. As we proceeded further, slowly we could realize that air was getting thinner and our heart beats was increasing its pace. We reached 6th station took some rest for about 25 min.  By now we started to feel the temperature drop and I could feel chillness. I checked my mobile, I had full signal but it was of no use. My pocket WiFi was not having signal at all and it was really crazy as International roaming signal is full but local one is 0. I could feel my sweater becoming wet due to the cold breeze. So I covered myself with a thick Jacket and then continued to trek.

I could see clouds slowly covering the mountain and was feeling happy imagining how awesome it would be in the morning when I see a sunrise. Slowly things changed, it started drizzling and I was still happy as Sulfur dust will not be blown against us. I sat 3-4 times between 7th station to 8th station as my shoulders were aching due to backpack weight. As soon as we reached the eight station, the rain took its control and started to show its true color. Our gloves and shoes completely drenched and our bags was now around 12kgs as it got drenched in rain.The paths were really sloppy and was becoming really difficult to trek. The temperature was really dropping and I my body could not accept the weight anymore. So I sat for 10 minutes and rested then took some energy gel and again continued with trek. My Colleague was saying that we have almost reached the last station and we can rest here till the sunrises but I told him tat I saw a light which is at a farther distance and that should be the 10th and the final station and that is where our trek will complete but he did not accept. By now, my palm and feet was entirely in numbness. It was really difficult for me to go further but my desire was to reach the summit and take a look at the crater so we still continued. We managed to reach 9th station successfully. There was board setup saying that it is 9th station and 1.3km pending to reach the summit and I was right. There was a temperature sensor setup, we checked and it was 0degree. OMG!!! We have survived 0 degree for few hours after our hands and foot were drenched in rain. We were not able to move further anymore due to lack of sleep and body pain, so we decided to take camp and sleep for 2 hours at-least and then continue. We checked the camps and it was fully. They did not allow us inside, hence we decided to go little further and check for a camp and rest there. We left 9th station and started climbing the slope. The rain was really heavy and the wind was blowing around 80-90kmph but we somehow wanted to continue and we proceeded further till 30 meters. But it was really dangerous to go further as we were about to be blown away. We came back to 9th station and were searching camps but we coudn't find it. Everywhere it was full and though we were ready pay hefty amount, those Japanese were not even ready to let us in.

We stopped and stayed at the 9th station for about 1 hour but the camp was not getting emptied. By this time, we were almost freeze'd to death. We could not move our fingers and it was so numb that we had a feeling that we have lost it. We decided to go down to 8th or 7th station and find a camp to rest. There were totally 3 routes, first one was 4.8 kms to base station but this base station was a different one. Other 2 routes were for the 5th station. One was zigzag path which is about 17.3 kms and other one is 5.6 kms. 17.3 kms path was mainly for bulldozers and 5.6kms for trekkers which had all the stations on the way.

Instead of taking 5.6kms route, we took 17.3 kms route. Initially we could not realize this, but after coming around 3kms, we realized this. As this path was little easy to walk when compared to other routes, we continued. We walked, walked and kept on walking, all we could see it black debris with dark background. It was so windy and raining heavily, that we couldn’t even lift our eyes to see the path. As we descended further, our hands and feet numbness was decreasing and could breathe much better. After some time we were back to normal, but I was really not doing well, my shoulders, back, joints and foot was terribly paining. It was really difficult to keep steps further with that heavy backpack. When we flashed the light to check out the path, we could see lustrous rocks which were twinkling and really nice to see, so i took small rock as a remembrance. There came a troop of trekkers from behind, we joined them and continued our journey. They were pretty faster and I was the slowest among all. To be with them, i increased my pace with all those sufferings. At around 6:00 AM, the visibility was better but rain was still heavy, we reached the point where both the routes joined. I was really happy seeing it and my hopes of reaching the 5th station went high and I was sure now that I will somehow make it. Everyone took the closed path and kept on walking. Now I was completely exhausted due to the pain, I started walking cross footed, sometimes reverse way etc…. This made me to put strain on other parts rather than joints. At around 7:15 AM, we reached the Fuji 5th station. I just went into a building near the parking lot, sat with my legs stretched and relaxed for about 30 mins. I could see almost all the people were back and did not complete their trek due to the dangerous weather condition up there.

The rain didn’t stop at all. We checked for the bus but the ticket counter was closed and upon inquiry with the traffic policeman, we came to know that it will open at 8:40 AM. So we went into a shopping mart and sat on a bench and waited. Near the entrance there was big board saying that any person who carries rock or any plant from Mt. Fuji will be punished by Japanese Government, so i threw the stone then and there itself. When the ticket counter opened, they said that we can board the bus directly and the bus will be coming at 10AM. I was fully shivering, all my extra clothes were wet as my bag was fully drenched. I did not have any option other than facing the chillness. At-last, bus came and driver did not let us in first because priority was of reserved. So we waited outside in the rain and then finally boarded the bus. As soon as bus left, I slept for an hour. I missed all those beautiful scenery but was still happy that in some hours I will be reaching home. By 2:40PM, we reached home. Had sleep for around 3 hours then woke-up, sat in hot bath tub for about 45 minutes and relaxed.

Morning when I woke-up, in TV they were showing that Japan has been hit by a Typhoon and people are expected to stay in their houses. Then I realized that the reason for such an adventure was due to this bloody typhoon :( which made me not to see the summit nor the crater but gave the best trek of my life.

April 23, 2013

DERECHO: A wild form of GAYLE STORM :-)

Today was a memorable day for Bangalore's and Chris Gayle supporters. IPL Match number 31 was played between RCB and PWI at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. Toss went into the favor of PWI team and they chose to field first. Ah!!!! They would have not predicted terrible things which was on its way.

It was very cloudy and expectations for rain was on. But spectators would have definitely come to watch and enjoy the Gayle Storm. Pitch report was that it is a very good batting pitch and chasing will not be a problem at all. 

Chris Gayle and T Dilshan opened the batting innings for RCB. First over was bowled by Bhuvneshwar Kumar and he gave just 3 runs in the very first over. Things looked pretty fine for PWI. Debutant Ishwar Pandey opened the second over and Chris Gayle belted first 2 deliveries for four. Rain interrupted the match, covers were on and there was delay. After few minutes, play resumed or rather i can say bad time for PWI started. There you go, followed by a good delivery, Ishwar bowled a no-ball which went for four and the free hit was given for Gayle which infact was also a boundary. Second over cost 21 runs for PWI. Gayle storm started to takes its shape and everyone started to feel the effect of it.

In 17 balls, Gayle scored his half century which is the fastest fifty in IPL tournament. This was the first record of the day. He started belting each and every bowlers and dealt with them mainly in boundaries. He scored his Century in just 30 balls which is the world record to be the fastest century to be scored in any format of the Cricket. He did not stop there, he continued with his contribution to the team and remained unbeaten scoring 175 runs in just 66 deliveries with a strike rate of 265.15 that included 13 fours and 17 sixes. There was AB show as well which was only for short duration. He scored a quickfire of 31 runs in just 8 balls that included 3 fours and 3 sixes.

RCB ended up their innings scoring 263 runs loosing only 5 wickets in 20 overs. This is the highest T20 team total surpassing Srilanka's 260/6 in 2007.

Many batting records was broken in one single IPL T20 match. They are,
Chris Gayle: Fastest IPL 50 (17 balls)
Chris Gayle: Fastest Century in any format like First class, List A or T20 etc.. (30 balls)
Chris Gayle: Highest individual score in T20 format (175 runs)
Chris Gayle: Highest number of sixes in an innings (17 sixes)
Chris Gayle:  Most runs scored only from boundaries (154 runs)
Chris Gayle and T Dilshan: Highest first wicket partnership in IPL (167 runs)
RCB: Highest team total in T20 format (263/5)
RCB: Highest Run-rate in an innings (13.15)

It was a mammoth total for PWI. They could not sustain Gayle's Storm and also could not recover from the after-affects. Last over was bowled by Chris Gayle and he took 2 wickets as well. PWI managed score a total of only 133 runs in 20 overs with the loss of 9 wickets. They hit only 3 sixes in their batting innings which is very less in number compared to RCB's 21 sixes. RCB won the match by 130 runs which is the second highest run-win in IPL. Definitely Pune Warriors will have nightmares tonight :D

I missed the visual treat but managed to check the updates on web. What a day for Chris Gayle. He broke many T20 batting records and also took 2 wickets in one over and gave just 5 runs. Man of the match was obviously Chris Gayle :D

I'm looking forward same performance to be given by RCB when playing on CSK. Though CSK is my second favorite team, when it comes to RCB i hate CSK to the core....