May 20, 2010

Ajmal wants to take revenge on Michael Hussey

Latest cricket buzz is that Pakistan's off-spinner Saeed Ajmal has made a vow that he will take revenge on Hussey. In the second semi-finals of ICC Twenty20 World Cup, Australia won the match against Pakistan with 1 ball remaining.

Michael Hussey who was the player of the match helped Aussies to win the match. Aussies wanted 18 runs in the last over, which was almost impossible. Saeed Ajmal had bowled the last over, First delivery resulted in just 1 run. This was a great start for Pakistan as Aussies wanted 17 runs in 5 delivers. But Michael Hussey did not let the Australian team down, he fought too well till the end, in the next 4 deliveries he scored 22 runs. The over score display was like this 1 6 6 4 6, Aussies had more 1 delivery in spare. It was supposed to be the worst-est day for Saeed Ajmal & a very lucky day for Aussies.

Now, Saeed Ajmal is pretty confident that he will have his revenge by taking the wicket of Michael Hussey in the forth coming matches.

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