July 28, 2012


 Today Archery's first medal event held. It's Men's team event. If you see Google doodle image its "London 2012 Archery". So nice to see my game in Google doodle. Below is the screenshot which i had took incase if you people had missed to see it.
Image Courtesy: Google doodle
Today was the day for ITALY in men's individual team event in Archery. There were plenty of shockers that took place. My favorite team INDIA scored same as Japan and lost to them in the tie-breaker. So INDIA lost 1 medal in total of 4. Now only 3 possible ways are left :-(

In the very first round i.e, 1/8 elimination, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Ukraine had to fight against their opponents to enter Quarter finals. But Korea, USA, China and France had got byes, so they directly started with Quarter finals.

In QF - Mexico, Italy, USA and Koreans won and entered Semi-finals. The shocker was that Korea ( who were known to be the best in Archery) lost to USA. But Koreans some how managed to end up with Bronze medal beating Mexico in bronze match.

USA and ITALY faced for Gold medal.
First round - USA: 52, ITALY:54 (Italy lead by 2 points)
Second round - USA: 54, ITALY:56 (Italy lead by 4 points)
Third round - USA: 57, ITALY:55 (Italy lead by 2 points)
Fourth round - USA: 55, ITALY:54 (Italy lead by 1 points).

Finally, ITALY won the Gold match by 1 points. USA came so close but in the end they could not overwhelm Italians. USA ended up with Silver medal and ITALY became the Champions by winning Gold medal.

Tomorrow might be the day for INDIA as women's team event will be held. After this, for next 5 days there would be Individual eliminations round to happen.

So i wish team INDIA a very good luck to get a medal for my country in Archery :-)

July 3, 2012


Hi guys, today i wanted to share you an important message regarding MNP (Mobile Number Portability). Once the MNP procedure is completed, check for the validity of the new service. You have to do an Validity recharge other wise your number will be barred until you do so.

This post is based on my experience as how i ported my TATA DOCOMO number to Airtel. I took TATA DOCOMO some 5 months back and it was in my friends name. I had a lot of network problem. Almost like 5-6 hours there never used to even a single signal point i.e, no signal at all. This went on and at start it didnt bother me much. But later on, i started to get nice scoldings from my friends and family who tried to call me. Later i decided to switch to Airtel as those good old times where i used be the customer of Airtel.

It took me almost like 1 month to complete my porting (It includes getting info, arranging documents, requesting for MNP and so on). I was little worried that it was in my friends name and now i am giving my documents for MNP. On 18th of June 2012, i received a message saying "Namaste! Your Request validated by donor and porting time: 2012-06-20 00:59:00.945". After seeing this, i was happy that my documents were accepted by Airtel.

On 20th morning,i replaced my SIM with Airtel SIM and i received a message from Airtel saying that "Your PORT IN request is successfully activated". Then i started getting GPRS configuration settings n all. In fact, i even continued to get messages from my bank. So at start, i taught everything seems to be fine. I did a recharge of Rs. 50 and checked the balance. It showed me that i have a balance of Rs. 41.50. I was not getting calls from anyone :-( I even tried to call to others, i used to listen a recorded voice saying "Your services are barred as you have no balance". But, i could see the balance of Rs.41.50 and i taught that i should wait for 1 or 2 days for this thing to work fine. 2 days passed, still i was facing the same problem and then i called to Airtel customer care. I told him the problem which i was facing and he suggested me to do a validity recharge as i will be treated a new SIM purchaser. So, i went to the mobile shop where i purchased the SIM and gave him money to do a validity recharge. He tried to do, but he was failing. He said to me that he will be rectifying the problem and solve it. So i left and went home.

Next day, i jus tried to call my friend and voila! there you go..... i could connect to my friends mobile :-D For this entire process, it took me more than 1 month which was the worst part.