March 23, 2012

Vaada machan Bajji saapidalam

It was been more than 2 months i had stepped out of my home walking freely. After that tragic incident, i couldn't even able to go out roaming or do things which i had earlier planned. I had an Holiday today as it was Ugadi (Gudi Padwa) festival and this festival is celebrated mostly in South India and Maharashtra. I almost killed the whole day watching LOST season 1 from episode 12 to 20.

At around 5:30 PM my friend Vinod came to my home and we started to play GTA San Andreas. We completed nearly 15 missions. Today, i was very eager to eat "Bajji" (Its a popular South Indian snack made out of wheat flour in which chillies/Onion rolls/Banana pieces/etc... are stuffed inside and fried). So, after playing, i asked my friend to go out with me to have some hot bajji's. He did not refuse to my request and he said ok. As it was festival day, i was not sure that i could succeed the mission.

We took off on his bike and started searching for the shops where these things are sold. I did not have that much idea where could these shops be situated as i had not been in Bangalore for more than 2 years. We started on the Bajji hunt. After as 0.5km, we found one shop open and i was happy to see that it was still open. When we inquired, we got the message that there is no Bajji but they have Bonda. I was disappointed and i said to my friend that we can find another shop somewhere near by. We took off from there and started to roam here and there. We could not find even a single Bajji shop open or i can say almost 95% of the other shops were also closed. The whole area looked very silent as there was only a limited number of people on road. We were wondering that what happened to the people out there. It was like we were in some village or something like that. It was just 8:55 PM night and only few people & vehicles out there.

We almost went to some 10 spots in our area. We could not find even a single shop open except the first one where there was no Bajji. This situation of ours was just similar to the movie "Vaa Quater Cutting" where they both search for liquor.

After roaming 4 kms, we gave up our Bajji hunt. After some 20 mins, he dropped me back at my home and he left for the day. Mission failed :-( I have to succeed atleast on tomorrow. Let's C what happens tomorrow.

March 1, 2012

Football player names

I watch football on regular basis but when someone asks me to list my favorite players. I mention few of them and when asked to give a names list who all i remember. I list around 100 players not more than but in reality there are many thousands of players out there.

It is very difficult to collect all the football names list in single go. For this, we have to do a lot of research and invest lot of precious time. While browsing on the net i found a beautiful website that list names from football. In here, all the names are listed out. It is a very useful website and must be visited.