August 27, 2011

Suffering from morbilliform rash

On Wednesday, when i woke up in the morning my face started to look little different than normal. I did not take it that much serious on that day and i went to office as usual. By evening, my face started to look very awkward which was very bumpy and swelly. By the end of the day, my body was itching and stinging. I tried to resist for around 1 hour, but after that i gave up. As a result of scratching, i started to feel like being inside a furnace of burning coal.

I could see rashes every where which is in the form of macule and papule. When i touch my skin and hover on it, i could feel like moving a sand paper. There's a saying in Hindi "Pehle mazaa, phir sazaa" (First enjoyment, later punishment). As it tells, even it happened in my case. Whenever i feel an itch, somehow i manage to be in control for around 1-2 hours, but after that i give up. During scratching it feels like i am in heaven, once done i will be thrown back to hell where i can feel brimstone's kept on my skin :-(

When i woke up on Thursday morning, my face looked worse than it was the previous day. So i skipped my office and went to an dermatologist and explained him about whatever things happened. He very calmly and politely listened to me. Later on, he just saw my face using some magnifying lens kind of thing and checked the skin of my hand. He just told me that i am suffering from Morbilliform rash. I was just wondering from where in the world this kind of thing come from :P He wrote some prescriptions that contained some pills, lotions, creams and a soap.

I just asked him a question, will it be cured pretty soon. He just replied me that come after 10 days, i will check it out and let you know. After listening to this, i could hear a broken noise inside me (Wondering; what the f***, it will take around 10 days to cure. What about my face, how can i go to office like this for so many days and so on...... ). As prescribed i took the pills, applied the creams and lotion, used only one soap which was told by him. Yesterday (Friday), when i woke up i could see some improvement on my face but still it was looking weird. I made up my mind and somehow i managed to go to office. When i was at my desk, i was feeling very embarrassing to sit coz i was not that much comfortable to show up my infected face to everyone. I soon went inside the lab and spent my entire day there itself. Happiest thing was, it was evening when i realized that i did not make any single scratch on my body. I was little happy and started to be very optimistic that it will be cured within a couple of days. But i was wrong, as the night was getting nearer and nearer, the sensation of itching kept on increasing. I started to loose my patience and finally at around 6 PM, i started to scratch very vigorously. I could see new bumps forming and again started to feel the pain of stinging in me. Till now i have seen no improvement. Hope i will see atleast some changes on tomorrow.


gns said...

dai nadhari, stop scraching da or else it would become worse than ever try to avoid that, i know u cant resist by not doing it but u have to avoid that
take care da apply the lotion and take the prescribed tablets on time hope it goes of sooner and makes u feel better

Deal KING* said...

Dey.... gr8 da..... u read my articles n all.... :) gud to see your comment here.... :D