November 9, 2011

Study reveals that sitting for longer time increases risk of CANCER!!!!

It is estimated that a single person in a single day sits for about an average of 15 1/2 hours. This sitting will include in front of a television, computer, school, work, travel, meals and so on. Due to these reasons, there is an increase in inflammation of the body which in-turn increases the risk of cancer.
This study was conducted by the epidemiologist named Christine Friedenreich who is from Alberta Health Services Cancer Care which is located at Calgary, Canada.
Earlier it was proved that the inflammation used to reduce when we do exercises. But now the researchers have stepped in opposite direction and have come up with this new conclusion.

So friends, i suggest you to take short breaks just roam around within the room for few minutes, some exercises will be helpful, dont spend to much time sitting at one place itself. By this atleast we can reduce the risk of getting cancer.

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