April 6, 2013

North Karnataka Road Trip in Car - Part IV

On the way to Aihole, while travelling, we all became bird watchers. We could spot so many birds (all were commonly found birds :P) which were sitting on the transmission lines or on trees. We could see the mountain range of Badami caves which still continued on our way to Aihole and we started to guess whether the other end of the mountain could be the place which we are looking for :-) "Aihole".

Aihole: Aihole, once was a  prominent city of the Chalukya dynasty. In many of the inscriptions it was also known as Ayyavole and Aryapura. This place has 125 temples which are grouped into 24 categories by the archaeological department. It should have been once a headquarters with the federation of trade guilds and a great city.

We entered Aihole village and could see so many temples here and there. The conditions of these temples are not so good and well protected.
Things to watchout are
Durga temple complex, Lad Khan Temple, Ambigera Gudi complex, Mallikarjuna temple complex, Chikki temple, Rachi temple, Eniyar temples complex, Hucchimalli temple complex, Ravanaphadi rock-cut temple, Buddhist temple, Meguti temple, Hucchappayya Math Complex, Kunti temples complex, Charantimath complex, Tryambakesvara group, Gauri temple, Jaina temples in the village, Rock-cut Jain Basadi, Ramlingesvara Temple Complex and Galaganatha Temple Complex

will continue.....

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