July 9, 2010

Mathematical formula predicts that Spain will win the FIFA World Cup on Sunday

Mathematicians Dr Javier López Peña and Dr Hugo Touchette from Queen Mary, University of London have come up with an new mathematical analysis that predicts the clear favorite for the FIFA World Cup.

These two, who are also the supporters of football, collected the data's regarding ball passing from all the games played in this Football World Cup and have analyzed every teams playing styles. They used an mathematical technique called Graph Theory and have revealed the gaping holes in England's tactics when they played Germany. They have now predicted that Spain will win this FIFA World Cup which will be played against the Netherlands in the finals on Sunday.

They have drawn a network of passes between the players of the entire tournament and have compared it between the teams. They analyzed these networks using Graph theory which gave a clear picture to them to predict.

According to the networks, Spanish players have made a more passes which is almost 40% more than Germany and almost twice the times as Dutch did in this tournament. David Villa who is the highest goal scorer in this tournament has received 37 passes on average per game which is supposed to be a great number of passes received by any other forward from all the teams. On the other hand, Fernando Torres has not scored even a single goal in this tournament so far. Torres has received only 13 passes per match which is very low when compared to Torres. Like this the mathematicians have extracted more number of results which has resulted in prediction that Spain will win this World Cup.

Hmmmmm, this sounds great and very logical to me. Let's wait and watch what happens on Sunday whether Spain will lift the World Cup or Netherlands.

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