September 4, 2010

Ricky Ponting is worried about the new one day game announced by Australian Cricket

Australia Cricket recently announced that in this season it will be adding a new format of one day game where it will trial a 45 over game which will be split into 2 innings which will be having 20 overs in one innings and 25 overs in other innings. Ricky Ponting, Australian Cricket team captain believes that this new format of one day game might damage their preparations for the World Cup.
World Cup will be held in 2011 i.e, next year in February which will be hosted by India, Srilanka and Bangladesh. Only with few months remaining this drastic change will definitely affect the players especially the young spinners who might find it difficult this summer. He also added that their national team will not get affected that much as they will be playing another 12 to 13 ODI matches before the World Cup and it is Okay for them. They are much concerned about the young spinners in particular.

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