November 17, 2011

Pandavkada falls - A place to visit for sure :-)

Pandavkada falls during monsoon

We had decided to visit Pandavkada waterfalls long back, but things did not go as we had planned. We had already missed monsoon and the fun was almost gone. But even then, we decided to visit this place for sure before its too late because we all know that we will be leaving mumbai before next monsoon.

It was 1st October 2011, a bright sunny Saturday. Me and my roomies Bhanu and Praveen left the flat (situated in Airoli, Navi Mumbai) with 2 bikes around 10:30 A.M. It was around 30 minutes drive to reach Kharghar. We did not know the exact location and hence we asked some localite and he guided us the route to the falls.
Me with my bike :-)

After 10 minutes of drive, we were nearby the hills where the falls is located. They had told us that we have to park the bike and should walk about 4.5 kms. But we were not willing to leave our bikes near the main road, so we decided to ride our bikes in those ruddy paths. We crossed the river, the height of flowing water was very low, and we rode for about 2 kms further. Finally, we had to park our bikes because there was no way to proceed further with our bikes. As the monsoon had already passed there was only a small amount of water that was falling. We were little disappointed by seeing it but even then we did not give up.
Walking towards the falls after parking our bikes

Me and Praveen in the pool
So we started walking from there, it was around 2 more kms to reach the falls. It was like a small trek for us and i loved it (coz bhanu n praveen had to walk for such a long distance, basically they are lazy to go out). When we almost reached the falls, we saw a beautiful view of the falls and a pool that was there. We were not sure about the depth of pool as there were plenty of rocks inside the pool. We went closer towards the pool and Praveen decided to step into the pool. In actual, our plan was not to get into pool and have a swim. We just wanted to have a look at the falls and come back home. After some time even i was excited to swim in the pool. So, we both entered the pool and it was very cold :-).  As we were not sure about the depth, i went on checking for depth. As there were many rocks beneath the water, there depth was uncertain. Praveen and Bhanu don't know how to swim, so i had to keep checking for the deepness at new places.

It's me

I wanted to get very closer to the falls, so that the water that is falling should hit me directly. So, i took a risk and some how reached that point. The place was very slippery and i had to be very careful. The water started falling on me, it was like someone striking me with a kane, but the feeling was awesome. After some time, Bhanu also decided to jump into the pool and mingle with us. So we all three joined together in the pool and had a great time in the pool.

Then we realised that it was a perfect timing and if we had visited during monsoon, definitely we would'nt have had so much fun. During monsoon this fall is considered to be very dangerous as a huge volume of water jumps directly from a 107 meters rocky mountain.
Me and Bhanu in front of the falls
After around 2 hours, we came out of the pool and left the place. We were very exhausted and had a lunch in a restaurant. We returned back safely at around 4:30 PM. It was one of the unforgettable experience for all of us :-)

While returning back....

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Shridhar Mhatre said...

A beautiful cascading waterfall ...
Pandavkada falls - A place to visit for sure :-)