December 13, 2011

I recieved a missed call from unknown number yesterday night.... :(

Yesterday night (12th December 2011) around 9:45 PM i received a call from unknown number. As i was hurriedly going to the canteen, i did not realize that i was getting a call. While on the way, when i checked my mobile: there was a missed call. I did not see the number properly (i.e, the country code and all). For instant i taught it might be a call from any of my friends who might have bought a new number. So i called to that number.

After some 10 rings, one guy picked up the call and started to speak up in Hindi and i started to wonder who the hell this is. He introduced himself saying that a name and he is an executive in Vodafone. Then he told me that my number has been selected in the lucky draw and i am eligible for prize money of 15 Lakh Rupees. Immediately, i came to know that this is a scam call. In curiosity i started to speak with him and asking more information’s regarding this. He told me that i have to call a number and speak to the head office manager who resides in Delhi and he gave the number. The number started with 00. The he told me his name which i forgot and said me a code number that has to be provided it was 4836. He forced me to call immediately and speak to him.

The call was automatically cut due to low balance. My balance was Rs. 0.19 :-( All my balance money was gone. I lost around Rs. 46 for this call. I started to wonder "Y the hell i lost so much money to make one simple call?". I then re-checked the number and to my surprise the country code was +91 instead of +92. OMG!!! i have made a ISD call. Though i knew it was a scam, i never taught i would be making an ISD call.

I immediately went to my desk and searched for this number and gave the country code in Google with search as "+92 scam".
There was a heart-attack shock for me because the country code was for Pakistan. I have called to Pakistan and talked to some unknown person for almost 5-6 minutes. My life is in Jeopardy now, don't even know where I will end up when some top officials trace this call and if it is founded that this number belongs to some terrorists group then I will be fucked up. Later, i went through all those discussion forums and finally found out that there are many people like me who were in my situation. I was relieved after reading so many stories.

Today, so far i have received 5 missed calls from same number and finally i have barred that number. The call which they make will not even last for a single ring. So people be very cautious when are dealing with unknown numbers. The number which i got those calls was from "+923418510048". I lost around Rs. 46 and this is what makes me very angry :-(


c'axoera said...

scam! happen everywhere :)

arn said...

Ya u r right..... Now a days its becoming very common n more often

Desa Cilembu said...

terimakasih infonya, jadi akan lebih berhati-hati bagi saya bila mendapkan situasi seperti itu...bersabarlah