February 23, 2013

Heard of SPREETY?

I you ever been to this site before or even hear of it? Let me take this opportunity to tell you about what this is all about. SPREETY is a free online movies guiding portal which helps you out to watch Free Movies Online, News updates, sports, TV shows and so on. There are open source APIs from Spreety that will help you to add it in your website which is nothing but the online TV content and definitely the visitors of your site will show thumbs up while visiting your website.
There are different categories where it is labelled accordingly to know whether the link provided is a free site or a paid one, shorts, clips, full clips, loop, podcast, Netflix (i.e, watch immediately), subscriptions, previews, etc...
Apart from this, there is troubleshooting help tips for online TV like notification of recommended internet speed, the System configuration required, required player software,  etc.. Additional to this, there are few more tips given like iTunes links, Netflix content links, remote favourites option and its optimization techniques.
The main focus of this portal is on U.S.A. TV online with high production quality that would be a part of user experience on Internet. What are you waiting for? Just browse the net and there you go.

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