February 26, 2013

My Health-My Dream-My Body->depends on Food

When i was in Mumbai, i somehow managed to go to ECC - Employee Care Center as much as possible. There i used to play Table Tennis, Badminton, do swimming and gymming. I used to be very fit, used to maintain the perfect BMI index. My dream was to get 6-packs someday and i used to workout for that but wasn't that serious :) (so i could not make my dream come true)

After coming back to Bangalore, i met with an accident and started to put on weight. I did not do any kind of fat burning activities like cardio/sports/swimming etc.. My fat level increased drastically and the worst part was my tummy which started to accommodate fat very easily. On the other hand, i started to loose my muscles and started to look lean. Saddest thing was, fat in the abs started to increase :(

Observing this, i started to lower the quantity of my food consumption and it worked out very well, I stopped putting on weight and those extra calories intake was avoided. But i was not that happy because still i could see my tummy was sticking out and i was lean. So i decided to start gymming and reduce all those extra fat.

After few months of gymming, i noticed that i could not put on muscles instead my fat started converting into muscles and was still looking lean. Even after doing exercises for more than 1 hour, i was wondering what is the problem and why i could not gain muscles. Finally, i came to know that my food intake was very low and because of that i could not gain mass. Soon after realizing this, i started to eat so called balanced and perfect meal.

Within if few weeks of time, i could see a very good difference in my body mass. I started to get nice shapes, abs fat started reducing, mass has been increased and i felt to be fit.

Moral: For body building or fat reduction, food plays a major role.

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