March 31, 2011

fun back to shool things for children is a website that is completely dedicated to sell items online. In here you can buy products like iPhone cases, traveler bags, laundry bags, cutting boards, mouse pads, Water bottles etc.. They have a great collection of nap mats from Mint, Cavichi, My Nap Pak and Stephen Joseph. You can even customize the nap mats of your choice where you get the flexibility to choose embroidery thread color, border matching, color choosing and so on. You will get an idea when you look at their types services given before placing an order.
After you place your order and the payment is complete, you will be notified by an e-mail from them where it will contain the tracking number so that you can trace it. The shipping charge is a flat $6.75 no matter hoe many orders you have placed.
They are best known for selling school children products like Stephen Joseph backpacks, nap mats, Mint lunch totes, keepsake books, etc.. Apart from this, they also sell products that are very much useful for babies such as placemats Ezy roller, baby bloomers, baby blankets, body pillow plates, baby bundles, baby keepsake and lots more. If you want to know more on these kind of products, then please do visit their website by clicking the links provided. The best thing about their website is, they have a FAQ's page where most of the queries you wish to ask is already been answered.
Lunch totes are one of the most sold items by them and they have many varieties. Stephen Joseph insulated lunch totes are specially designed ones which contains children's favorite themes. It has got a velcro strap where you can place a drink and it holds nicely. You can even look for matching water bottle for lunch totes. Mint insulated lunch totes are known for their softness where it is well-insulated with bubble foil and are very colorful. In front it has got zippered pouches and the best part is, embroidery is available in color shades.

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