March 20, 2011

India vs Srilanka / India vs Australia at quarter finals??

In Group A, Pakistan tops the table followed by Srilanka and third stands Australia finally Kiwis at the last. In Group B, South Africa are at the top and England are at the fourth position. The fight for second and third place is between India and West Indies.

Based on the todays match result which will be played against India and West Indies, we will come to know that who will be in the second and third position. If India wins this match, India will play against Australia and West Indies will play against Srilanka in the quarter finals of the ICC World Cup 2011. If India looses, West Indies will come to the second position and they will be facing the Aussies in the quarter finals and Indians will face against Srilankans.

India have already completed its batting innings, Yuvaraj Singh was the top scorer scoring 113 runs and Virat Kohli scoring a half-century. Indians did not perform well with the bat today and again they were all-out in 49.1 over scoring only 268 runs in total. Ravi Rampaul took 5 wickets.

After seeing the match and the performance by the Indians i lost the hope that they will win this match. It looks like they will end up with a loss and face Srilankans in the quarter finals.


Zona Indonesia said...

Pakistan and Srlanka should be a both champion for Cricket... :) Peace

ARUN POVAS said...

hmmm lets c...... whose gonna win..... let India Pakistan match get over.... We ll come to know that will Pakistan face Srilanka or not.... :-)