March 11, 2011

Where and how to sell photos online

You might be wondering that where and how can you sell those professionally captured photos and make a good money. You would have invested a lot of energy and time in capturing some good snaps. In the current scenario, there is a lot of competitions in every angle and aspects. The question that comes into you mind will be that "where can i sell my photos online?".

There are many ways to sell photos, such as building your own website, blogging, selling it on eBay or contacting the companies directly & selling it. But these are very time consuming methods. What you desire is to just upload photos and make money while you capture some more photos.  The best website to do is ezinearticles. Here all you have to do is to upload your precious photos and thats it. Rest of the things, they will take care. Whenever an webmaster buys your photo say for $1, you will receive $0.50 to your account. The best part is that you will not loose your copyrights. You can just relax or continue with capturing photos. I recommend you to visit their website and go through their article on how to do it and you will get more information.

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