April 23, 2011

I hate SRK and his team KKR

Now a days i have started to hate Kolkata Knight Riders team itself. The reason behind this is that SRK. Yes it is because of Sharukh Khan after his statement where he told that "KKR has to win the cup dedicated to Sourav Ganguly". This was the statement that put me into rage on SRK.

If he wanted to win this IPL then why the hell he did not even care to bid the legend???? Once the things are passed away then never and ever should turn back. He left DADA and now he wants him to come and watch the match to support KKR. This is full of bullshit and everything is business in here.

In reality what i feel is, Eden Garden made a record of lowest audience presence in history and hence less collection of money. SRK does not want like this to happen again and hence now he is playing this new trick just to improvise his business. But we people (fans of DADA) always want to see him play and he is a legend whom not to be forgotten at all. No DADA, no support to KKR.


Anonymous said...

U r absolutely correct. No Dada then No KKR.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Owners . . . stupid players . . stupid team . . . full of ego . . just like the owner