May 29, 2011

bet on sports

We all know the movie "Two for the money" which was a thriller, filled with drama and it was released in 1995. The most memorable character in this movie is Brandon Long who is a collage football player. But unfortunately he ends up losing his sports career due to a serious injury on his leg which cannot be fully recovered. As he was more into to the game, he used have a good knowledge about the game. This leads him to become a famous as advisor in terms of sports betting. He becomes very successful in this field and gains lot of respect and good life with luxury.

In one situation, there incurs a loss of $300,000 due to wrong advise. This is where the turning point happens and the gambler sends some thugs to get revenge on Brandon Long. The movie goes very smoothly as the tension required to create the interest is very less. The main characters in this movie are Brandon Long (Mathew McConaughey), Abrams protege (Al Pacino) and Toni (Rene Russo).   This movie is more about the betting on sports and all about the win/loss situation. If you want to know more about the movie and the actors details, then feel free to visit by clicking the above provided links,

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