May 28, 2011

One of the worst day of my life :-(

Today was one the most disappointed day of my life. IGate Patni conducted cricket fest 2011 and i was playing for "Pirates" team and we had already won 2 matches. Today, it was our 3rd match and with this victory we were supposed to enter quarter finals. But things went in vain, Similar to Chennai 600028 movie, even our team played so badly. First wicket fell in the very first ball itself and i was also duck out in the very 3rd delivery of the innings. In 6 overs we could only manage to score a total of 31 which was the lowest total of the season. The opponents "On the Rocks" had to score only 32 runs to win the match and it was very easy. First over was bowled by our skipper and he went for 15 runs in which 9 runs was extras. Second over also went for 15 runs in which 5 runs was from extras. in just 2 overs they scored 30 runs and 2 runs needed to win the match with 10 wickets on hand and 4 overs to go. I got the 3rd over to bowl, there was nothing left to defend as they required only 2 runs to win, but i wanted to take 1 wicket at least so that we can restrict them from telling that they won with no loss. First ball was an slip catch for keeper, but he failed to take it. Getting disappointed i bowled a wide and finished the match for them. On the Rocks won the match by 10 wickets. It was the most frustrating loss for me. For this loss: i spoiled my weekend sleep, skipped my breakfast and was out in sun :-(

Apart from this, my home teams Royal Challengers Bangalore failed to lift the cup in IPL 2011 finals. Defending champions Chennai Super Kings batted first and belted every bowler and made a total of 205 runs. In reply to this, Royal Challengers Bangalore could not even reach at least 150 runs. They lost the match very badly. This was my another disappointment of the day.

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