May 3, 2011

Diet Direct

When I joined gym, I used to start with stretching exercises and later on switch to Cardio or strengthening exercises. I used to do a lot of workout; due to this I needed some sort of stored energy. I use protein powder or something similar to that. Earlier I was using shaker bottles to mix the powder with milk. But I found that shaker bottles are not that comfortable to use.

Whenever you mix protein powder with a hot milk or cold milk or with water, do you think it will dissolve completely? Usually powder does not dissolve completely with milk or water. You should whip it using a spoon but this will leave a junk of grainy chunks of the powder which makes the drink more of granulated ones. After a few days, I decided to give a try for Blender Bottle and see how it works.

Blender bottle works marvelous for me and made my life easier. It is very much suitable for blending protein shakes, diet smoothies, drink mixes, etc... Mixing of the thicker ingredients becomes very smooth and easy. Now I have started to suggest my friends to go for blender bottles as it is a perfect mixer. 

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