June 8, 2011

About Golfing in Germany

Golf is a sport which has become one among the most popular sports and it gained its popularity from past few decades. Typically, Golf “Courses” consist of either 9 or 18 holes where the ball has to be potted into the hole using a club. The most widely known competition in Golf is the PGA tour. This game has got its own set of rules and forms.
If you want to shop for golf stuffs and accessories then you have to visit Golf Shop Golf Academy, which is one of the largest online golf shops in Germany. It provides you with a wide range of products with top brands and the prices in here pretty cool when compared to others. The website you have to visit for shopping is golfakademie.com. Usually the products will be sent to you the same day you ordered. If the requested order is not in the stock then it would take 7-14 days. If your order is more than 50€, then the shipment is free within Germany. If you need the shipment outside, then it would cost a little amount. You can look for discounts at Golf Shop Golf Academy as well.
JuCad Carbon is a golf trolley which is designed to carry a golf bag, clubs and other accessories. It is completely made up of high-quality carbon frame which makes it a light weight trolley. JuCad Carbon Drive is another model which is an electrical trolley which has a battery capacity of serving two full rounds of golfing. There are many other trolleys available like JuCad Carbon Travel, JuCad drive SL Titan, JuCad drive SL Travel Titan, JuCad drive SL Travel Titan eX, JuCad Titan Classic and so on.

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