June 15, 2011

Cricket Updates

Currently, The World Champion India has toured West Indies and have already played 1 T20 match and 4 ODI matches. India has won T20 match and 3 ODI matches so far. Hosts, West Indies team has won only one ODI match.

On the other hand World Cup finalist, Srilanka has toured England and have already played 2 Test matches. Already hosts have made a mark of winning, they won the first test match. Second match ended up in a draw.

Tomorrow, there is lots of action that is gonna take place. England and Srilanka will be playing their 3rd and final test match. If England wins or match is drawn, England will be the victorious one in the series. Srilanka cannot win the series but they have chances to draw the series by winning the 3rd test match.

India and West Indies will be playing their last and final ODI match of the series. India have already won the series, now its the time to show up their conquering power and glory. West Indies are looking to finish the series with 3-2, so that they can have some smile on their faces. Once the ODI matches are over, they will be playing a test series which consists of 3 test matches.

After touring the West Indies, India will be looking for their next prey which will be England. England team is very confident in winning all the matches that will be played against the visitors (India).

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