June 24, 2011

My day ended with an depression and sadness

I work for an IT company in Navi Mumbai and my home is nearby to my office (Say 2.5 kms). Usually i leave to home very late around 10:30 PM. Like other days, today i left as usual, but something unusual happened.

I had loads of work today in the office, somehow i managed to finish most of them. At the end of the day after having my dinner in the office, i left to home at 10:20 PM. The night was calm, luckily it was not raining but the climate looked good for me. I almost reach my home, only 300 meters pending. That is where i came across a junction where i saw a bunch of people, cars, bikes and a truck. First i taught there might be a accident, and some people are rescuing the victims. Then as i came closer and closer, i realized that actually they were not rescuing instead they were hitting a boy with an wooden log. I passed them and stopped my bike and peeped at what was actually going there. Later on, these people again attacked another man (He may be around 45+ years of age and he was the driver of the truck). They were whacking him like anything, blood was pouring out from them. Their faces were fully covered with blood.

All of sudden the man who was bleeding came to me and asked me for a help. He actually wanted to go to a police station to give a complaint. I could not deny to his request, so i decided to help him out. He sat behind my bike and i took off from that place. Meanwhile they were still hitting the boy. On the way as we kept on going, i just asked him what was going ? and why they were hitting you?. He told me that the people who were hitting me were in the car. They tried to overtake and my vehicle touched their car. For this reason they are beating us like this. As we kept on going we could see a cop vehicle coming in opposite lane. I just shouted at the cops to stop the vehicle, and they slowed down. I immediately took a U-turn and went to the cops and pleaded them for the help and also asked them to resolve this matter.

This is where my sadness started. The police saw the man and they just came to me and told me that they belong to Mumbai, so you people have to visit Rabale (It's a place in Navi-Mumbai) police station and ask help from them. I was fully shattered after hearing these sentences from the cops. After telling this, they just left without caring for the bleeding person. The driver was also disappointed, so he decided to go back to his truck and take the vehicle. I dropped him near his truck and left to home. After reaching home, when i took my T-shirt off, i could see blood stains all over my shirt. My hand was just shivering, at that time i felt very sorry for not helping him. I couldn't even concentrate on other things. So i decided to share it with all of you so that i can be little relieved.

Things will pass and i tell to those kind of people, every dog gets its chance. It was just a matter of money, for that why should they beat them to death. The worst thing was, the cab was from our office which means that our office people whacked him. Hope so now i will sleep nicely. I pray for them that they get well soon and be blessed.

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