March 8, 2010

Dhoni says IPL is a good platform to groom future players

According to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, IPL turns out to be a good platform to find and groom talented youngsters, who might be put up into the national team. He said that we are grooming players from under-19 or the players on verge of making their debut in International cricket. Having a foreign players in limited numbers gives a chance to try out the youngsters & moreover if a foriegn player wants a place in the top eleven, they have to fight among themselves but not against the Indian stock. He is very happy of this system of having only 4 overseas player in final eleven.

He also commented about the last years IPL which took place in South Africa with the current edition of IPL. This time it will not be as tiring as last year's as we will not be travelling that much in India. We will be playing most of the matches in Chennai itself & will be enjoying much more in playing this time. Next 45 days will be a busy schedule for us & lot of pressure will be on the cricketers. His team has a well a balanced players with good batsmen & bowlers.
Dhoni said his side was a balanced one with good batsmen and bowlers.

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